Social Concerns

Who are we?

We are a group of parishioners who are involved in various projects that address social justice issues and concerns.

Dcn. Frank Sullivan: Chair
Cecelia Mullin:  Co-Chair – Bingo at Nursing Homes
Phil Mullin
Claire Smith
Angie Grossnickle
Dustin Grossnickle
Chuck Schooley: St. Vincent DePaul Society Representative
Joe Holbrook: Parish Council Representative
Maryann Berry:  Co-Chair
Peg Nungesser
Alisha Snoke:  Sandwich Saturdays

What do we do?
Please find below a list of the works of the Social Concerns committee:

I. Caregivers (Contact – Bob Kilbarger): Volunteers who provide short term services to those who need help with transportation, light house work, grocery shopping, providing meals, and running errands.

II. Prison Ministry (Contact – Kevin Schmelzer): A group visits the Southeastern Correctional Complex every other month accompanying by Father Eilerman, Pastor of St. Mary of the Assumption. The groups joins the inmates for the weekly scheduled Mass and provides cookies each visit.

III. Nursing Home Ministry (Contact – Cecelia Mullin: Visits twice a year (usually in the spring and the fall) to Crestview Nursing Home to play bingo with the residents. One or two of our members also visit nursing homes to pray the rosary with the residents.

IV. Voter Registration: Once a year we provide voter registration information and needed forms to be filled out.

V. Life Chain: Participate in the “Life Chain” held in October on respect life Sunday here in Lancaster.

VI. December Potluck: A potluck to collect items to be donated to the local homeless shelter.

VII. PDHC (Pregnancy Decision Health Center): The committee helps promote the works of this organization and their annual banquet.

VIII. Spiritual Adoption (Contact – Mary Ann Berry): This year the committee have encouraged parishioners to participate in “spiritually adopting” a baby. We will “spiritually adopt”, through prayer an unknown child who is newly conceived and is threatened by abortion. One may “adopt” a child individually or as a family. Please name your child. We pray that the woman contemplating abortion may choose life over death for her child. Then in the bulletin each month the committee publishes  a report describing the baby’s development. At the end of nine months the committee will celebrate the birth of the child with a baby shower. All items collected from the shower will be donated to our local PDHC.

IX. Paper Drive: The committee promotes a paper drive twice a year to help help the local chapter of St. Vincent de Paul Society. The products that St. Vincent de Paul needs are paper napkins. single rolls of paper towels and four pack rolls of toilet paper.

X. Prayer Cards: Praying for Cards are mailed to individuals whose names appear on the bulletin on the prayer list four times a year.

XI. May Rosary: The committee promotes and encourages parishioners to pray the Rosary at the St. Mary Cemetery on a day designed in May. This year the date is May 14 at 6:30 pm.

XII. Sandwich Saturdays (Contact – Alisha Snoke): Sandwiches for the homeless are made once a month. Members, families, and parishioners meet in the Spirit Center at 8am. Participants are encouraged but not obligated to bring bologna, individually wrapped cheese, bread and sandwich baggies. The sandwiches are made September thru May. The following are the dates for 2014: 25 January, 22 February, 22 March, 26 April, and 24 May. Check out the below video from our Sandwich Saturday in October of 2013:

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