Safe Environment Program

Questions? Please contact our Administrator, Julie Ogilvie at 740.653.0997

In 2003, the Diocese of Columbus published its decree that established policies dealing with allegation of sexual abuse of minors. One of those policies was the creation of a Safe Environment Program designed to protect children while they are in the care, custody or control of any person working on behalf of the church. St. Mary of the Assumption Parish is committed to the protection and safety of all children.

Policies have been established to ensure the safety of our children in all parish and school activities. Therefore, VOLUNTEERS 18 years of age and older, involved with any program, who have “care, custody or control” or any regular supervised or unsupervised access to children MUST complete the following prior to the first day of volunteering:

  • Complete a Protecting God’s Children (PGC) awareness session offered throughout the Diocese of Columbus. View for upcoming PGC sessions.
  • Undergo a Civilian Criminal Background Fingerprint check (BCI&I for Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) check. Ohio residents for 5 years or longer are to obtain a BCI&I Report; those who have been Ohio residents for less than 5 years are to obtain an FBI Report.
  • Complete a Volunteer Code of Conduct Form which can be found by clicking.

Volunteers and employees may go to the Sheriff’s Office located at 345 Lincoln Ave. to be fingerprinted. Required information:

  • A valid Ohio driver’s license and Social Security Card (last names must match)
  • BCI cost – $30.00 / combined BCI & FBI – $50.00 (payment by cash or check)
  • Reason for Fingerprinting; ORC 2151.86
  • Send results to:
    • Catholic Diocese of Columbus
    • Attn: Regina E. Quinn
    • 197 E. Gay St.
    • Columbus, OH 43215

Who must undergo a Criminal Background Check?

  • All paid diocesan, parish and school staff members regardless of their level of contact with children
  • All volunteers in programs for children or youth regardless of their level of contact with children
  • All volunteers who have been delegated care, custody, or control of children or youth
  • Anyone returning after a significant gap (1-2 years) in service
  • Copies or transfers of completed civilian criminal background checks are only accepted from one parish or school in the Diocese of Columbus to another parish or school in the Diocese of Columbus. Copies of completed civilian background checks from individuals or other institutions are not acceptable.

Any questions regarding the above information, please contact Julie Ogilvie at 740-653-0997.

To report a child abuse situation please contact:
Diocesan Victims Assistance Coordinator,
Msgr. Stephan Moloney
614-224-2251 or 800-944-2251