Lighthouse Catholic Media

Catholic CD's and Books to Enrich Your Faith and Prayer Life

Our Parish is proud to offer Lighthouse Catholic Media materials in our Main and South Vestibules of the Church.

As we listen or read the Lighthouse Catholic Media materials and consider their messages , we can’t help but benefit from all that they have to offer for our spiritual growth in better understanding the Catholic Faith.  As an individual, take some quiet time to meditate on these messages – they can give increased meaning and purpose to your life.  As couples, listen or read together to build a stronger relationship with one another on the firm foundation of a common faith and stronger relationship with Jesus Christ.   As a family, the Lighthouse materials can help parents more easily fulfill their God-given responsibility to be the first educators of their children in the Faith, as you listen or read and discuss points of interest.  For all of us, it can also be a great way to help fulfill God’s commandment to keep Sundays holy.  It’s also a great way to fulfill His commandment to take the Gospel out into the world.  Have any acquaintances or relatives who have objections to the Catholic Faith?  Pick up a CD that addresses their concerns and offer it to them.

We ask that you support this work of our parish by making a donation of $3-4 dollars each time you take a CD. Thank you for helping us cover the cost of the CD’s so this program can continue.

Please note that the Lighthouse Media Displays are meant to be financially self-supporting by means of donations placed in the display slots. Since some people cannot afford to pay the price for an item, we need your help to continue this important effort at evangelization our parish is making out of obedience to God and His Church. Please prayerfully consider participating by making a larger than requested donation in the slot when selecting an item from the display. May God bless you for assisting in spreading His Word!

At the Lighthouse Displays

As the business and “busy-ness” of preparing for Christmas sometimes threatens to overwhelm us and pull our attention away from the spiritual intention of the season, both of the following CD’s offer a great (and easy) way to stop and increase our appreciation for the profound personal meaning of this great historical event. 

JOURNEY THROUGH ADVENT CD, presented by Fr. Robert Barron, S.T.D., priest in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago.  Fr. Barron was appointed Rector/President of Mundelein Seminary/University of Saint Mary of the Lake by Francis Cardinal George in 2012.  He is also an author, scholar and Catholic evangelist, most widely known for his DVD series, Catholicism, which tells the story of Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church against breathtaking scenery in 16 countries important to the story.

In this Journey Through Advent CD, Father Barron takes the scriptures from each Sunday’s Advent Mass readings and offers his insights into their imagery and meanings, suggesting how we might use them to increase our closeness to God as we anticipate the coming of Christmas.

PREPARE THE WAY OF THE KING CD, presented by Dr. Scott Hahn, K.H.S., Professor of Theology and Scripture at the Franciscan University of Steubenville.  A former Presbyterian minister who converted to Catholicism, Dr. Hahn is a Catholic theologian, contemporary author, consultant, and Christian apologist.

In this CD, Dr. Hahn presents an in-depth examination of the symbolic importance of the many characters and events of the Christmas story that are not obvious in the Biblical accounts.  As he explores their deeper meanings, our faith can be strengthened as we see the logical position of these events in God’s eternal plan.